• Rich Engelbrecht

1st Column

Did you ever wonder why your camera takes so long to take the picture when you push the shutter button? Did you get frustrated with it and stick it in a drawer and claim it was junk?

Digital cameras are not like the film camera you may have learned on. Today's cameras are really a computer wrapped around a lens.

To make the most of your camera, try pushing the shutter button half-way down. This does a number of things. It wakes up the camera [computer], the camera then looks to see how to set itself to get the best exposure, and, here's what takes a moment or two, it sets the focus on your subject.

It's kind of like waking up in the morning and everything is a bit blurry; it takes a moment to get the world in focus.

Keep your finger half-way down on the shutter button and when you have what you want to capture, finish pushing all the way. Instant picture!