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Sagas of Kooper

Kooper is my 7 year old, Yellow Lab mix, rescue from a local Conesus Lake area shelter. We brought him into our home as puppy, and he is an integral part of our family. Kooper came to us after a tragic accident resulted in the loss of our previous dog. He was the cure a heartbroken family needed to bring back into our home the unconditional love that only a dog can provide.

Kooper turned out to be quite the character, and because of his many adventures, and misadventures, he has become known to family and friends as Kooper the Dim. Kooper has a Personality, with a capital "P". When I hear someone say "He did what!?" I know that he has had a special moment that turns into a story.

One of the first indications that the "Dim" should be added to his name was watching the “Puppy Bowl” just before the Super Bowl. He had to “chat” with the puppies, look around the back of the television when they went off screen, and went to get one of his own toys so he could join the fun. He actually sulked when the game was over. But I am getting ahead of my self...

We are fortunate to be able to live on Conesus lakefront property. To a Lab-mix this is pure heaven. Water. He would gladly swim every day, all day, regardless of weather or temperature. I like to fish. Most days after work, and weekends, you can find me on my dock, my shore [when the docks are out], or on my boat, with a fishing pole. Kooper is always near. When I am fortunate enough to catch something, we have a ritual. I catch, he barks to alert my wife, he goes eyeball to eyeball with the fish, gives it a sniff and a lick, and then I usually throw the fish back into the water. This is where he proceeds to stick his whole head into the water and bark at it as it swims away. The water boils around his head with his enthusiastic barking, and on many occasions he simply falls in. This event seems to surprise him every time. It also makes me crack up every time.

In the boat he has "his" seat. We have gotten to the point that we have to spell b-o-a-t r-i-d-e, otherwise he will run out to the boat, get in his seat and wait to go. He would sit for hours if we would let him. He will also let you know that you are sitting in his seat by sitting on your lap. More often than not, a boat ride is preceded by a swim. So when a 90 lb wet dog sits on your lap you tend to move. This makes him very happy. His seat is in the front of the boat and when we are moving along and the wind is blowing his ears, he appears to be the happiest beast on earth. I call him my hood ornament.

I don't think he knows that he is a dog, and I’m not going to tell him anything different.

I have a number of stories about Kooper the Dim and the messes he's been in. I will be submitting stories and pictures of his antics occasionally. Stories about the midnight swim of Kooper the Dim, or the time he decided that a swan, swimming out front, would be a great playmate, and many more. I hope you like them.

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