It’s time to take pictures of the stars

If you are trying to get the moon and the stars it’s almost impossible to do both in the same image. This month we will concentrate on stars.

We are fortunate that many of us have a clear view of the night sky without overwhelming light pollution dimming it. Light pollution sources like street lamps and other concentrated sources of light such as villages, industry, and so on, obscure our view of our sky by overwhelming our eyes and making it difficult to differentiate those small dots of light in the sky.

The same thing happens with your camera. If you want images of the night sky, get away from light sources. Even then, there will always be some and we just have to minimize it as best we can.

Here is where we need to use some of that vocabulary we learned last month. To be successful in capturing the night sky we need to be smarter than the camera. Your camera is designed to always think it’s a nice day and sets itself with that in mind. It’s not a nice day; it’s a nice night! Time to own that camera.