What kind of camera should I buy?

As a photographer, I have been asked by friends, family, and sometimes random people I happen to meet, “what kind of camera should I buy?” I have a stock answer to questions of this sort; “It depends”.

There is no one right response that fits everybody. So then I ask: “what do you want to take pictures of, and why?” Like anything else, you want something that you will enjoy using.

Another frequent question is: “well, which one is the best?” My answer to that is also always the same; “The best camera is the one you are going to use”. If the camera is at home in a drawer, and you are out making some memories without it, then it is not “the best” for you.

There are so many choices available that you can choose the camera that fits what you want to do, and how you want to do it. Virtually everybody has a camera with them all the time. Your cell phone. Even the old flip phones have a camera on them. New phones have some amazing cameras on them. Cell phone images rule the online world. Why? Because they are “good enough”.