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Kooper the Dim gets his rest.

Kooper, my 7 year old Lab mix, is an integral part of our family. He knows it, and takes advantage of it. He has gotten to the age where he likes to be close and he likes his comforts.

After a long swim or a hard day being a dog, he is tired. He has his favorite resting spots [more like sleeping and snoring spots] around the home and yard.

Outside, his spot to rest is on the dock, in the sun, on his back with his paws in the air. I have seen more boats pass by and the folks on them just start pointing and laughing, and occasionally turn around for another pass. Kooper responds by rolling his eyes and a couple thumps of the tail, but that’s it, he’s resting; that’s his priority.

Another spot is on the deck, looking out of the lake [his domain] like a king on his throne.

Inside is where he can get really comfortable. He has his own bed and occasionally he will actually use it. However, there are so many more spots to rest that he has to go through them all before he will settle for just his bed.

Kooper is a bit of a sneak. He waits until we are sleeping and stealthily climbs on the bed. Many mornings we find him snuggled up at the foot of the bed. Sometimes though he wants us to know how much he loves us and tries to have a spot on a pillow to rest his head.

If you are sitting on the couch, he will join you with his head in your lap. My lap is now his pillow, and his pillow should not move until his nap is done. Occasionally he will climb onto the back of the couch and wrap himself around your shoulders. If I am sitting in my chair and get up for any reason, I can almost guarantee that he will be curled up in it by the time I get back.

But you know, that’s why I have a dog. He is part of the family. So Kooper, come sit next me. I do love you, you see. I want you to be close; I enjoy hugging you, you know, and rubbing your chin under your nose. Kooper, come on, there is always a spot next to me.

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