Autumn in the Finger Lakes is magical.

Believe it or not, autumn is almost upon us. Autumn in the Finger Lakes is magical. Autumn is, perhaps, the most photogenic season of the year. It features misty mornings, fiery sunsets, and rich oranges and reds in the trees before the leaves fall and blanket the landscape. Later in the season you may see dewdrops on the undergrowth and the first frost as we move into October and November.

The most noticeable aspect of autumn pictures is the distinctive color: the rich warm tones and the range of browns, reds and oranges. This abundance of warm tones can fool your camera if you use auto white balance. To boost the richness of the colors you can try selecting the Cloudy preset.

Another way to boost the rich colors is to use a polarizing filter. If you don’t have one of these then use your polarized sunglasses and hold one of the lenses in front of the camera lens. Rotate it a little bit after to find the best position.

As the main emphasis of most autumnal shots is the changing color of leaves, it pays to find a location that not only has a wealth of trees but a range of different plant life to create a wide range of tones in your image, from green to brown and red.