Autumn Stories

Autumn Stories

The Finger Lakes in autumn means color. Reds, orange and yellow explode across the hillsides. The colors are reflected in the water. Birds are migrating. Nature is at its most glorious.

Here are a few things to consider when trying to capture this time of year:

Make a Mirror Reflection

Pick a day with no wind for those mirror-like reflections of autumn color in water. But look for something interesting to also break the mirror like a log or a rock in the foreground to provide a resting place for your eyes.

Another key factor: the angle of the light. Sunrise, when the first light strikes the peak autumn color. Plan for sunrise and sunset to capture moody autumn shots—midday sunny weather won’t provide nearly as much drama.


On the other side, Fall often brings cool and moist conditions— a magical recipe for fog, morning dew, and striking sunsets and sunrises. I love it when so-called bad weather moves in, as unstable weather; it makes for dramatic images.