Getting more out of your cell phone camera

The information in this column is intended to assist digital camera users, and attempts to look at those items that are common on all digital camera’s such as point-and-shoot, DSLR’s, mirror- less, and yes, even your cell phone.

I have been using my iPhone 7 plus to take more pictures lately. It is convenient, it’s always with me, and is capable of taking some remarkable images. However, much like a standard camera, you can take your pictures using the default settings, or you can dig a bit and get to know the controls and capabilities of app and step up your game substantially.

Please note that all images associated with this article were taken with an iPhone 7+

The built in camera app for both iPhone and Android is designed to work easily and quickly. They are somewhat limited with their controls to keep that user experience relatively easy. They do have methods to get to the underlying controls, so that you can, for example: