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Nations Road

Nations Road, between Geneseo and Avon NY is a great place to explore. The Audubon Society calls it “Nation’s Road Grasslands” and describes it as:

An exceptional, privately-owned grassland and oak-savanna habitat with a diverse community of breeding and wintering birds. The site lies in the Genesee River Valley among old fields, oak-scattered savanna, and riparian habitat. The site is home to the second oldest fox hunt in the United States. The Genesee Valley Conservancy holds conservation easements on some of the land within this site.”

The oak trees have stories and legends surrounding them. One story I would like to share from Sue King:

Those trees all come from seeds (or seeds from trees grown from seeds) brought over on the Mayflower.. Wadsworths go back that far.. story from Mrs. Case, who ‘rode to the hounds’ with the Wadsworths..going back to the 1930’s.... She had one on her property..but when her home was sold, the new owners burned the tree down.... The trees are all over Geneseo..extending toward Avon..which was part of the Wadsworth land tract. Everyone knows to leave them be. “

It is also home to the Bluebell Walks, Genesee Valley Hunt and The Oak Tree Half Marathon and 5K run/walk [sponsored by the Genesee Valley Conservancy].

This road provides us with majestic oak trees, wildlife of all types, activities and history. Take a ride, a slow ride, and absorb the beauty of our region.

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