Trout fishing in Livingston County

Trout fishing in New York State is some of the best in the country. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation [DEC] maintains fish hatcheries throughout the state for two main purposes -- to enhance recreational fishing and to restore native species to waters they formerly occupied. The DEC runs 12 fish hatcheries, each specializing in raising one or more species of fish, including brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, lake trout, steelhead, chinook salmon, coho salmon, landlocked salmon, walleye, muskellunge and tiger muskellunge.

Each year DEC releases approximately 900,000 pounds of fish into more than 1,200 public streams, rivers, lakes and ponds across the state.

Many of those streams and lakes are right here in Livingston county as well as the surrounding counties. For sheer fun, and if so inclined, great eating, trout fishing is a great way to spend some time outdoors, with family and friends or in perfect solitude in a region of great natural beauty.