Kooper the Dim and the Tick

Kooper is my 8 year old, Yellow Lab mix, rescue from a local Conesus Lake area shelter. I have written about him previously and he is fondly known as “Kooper the Dim” based on his many antics and adventures.

However this story takes a bit more of a serious turn. My buddy Kooper is dealing with Lyme disease.

I take Kooper with me on many of my photography adventures. This usually finds us in the woods or walking the paths around the Conesus wetlands or many of the wonderful local parks. These are all tick habitat. After each walk I have made it a habit to check him for these nasty little creatures, and promptly remove them if found. This has happened on [unfortunately] a few occasions. This is a necessary chore for anyone with animals in our area. These critters seem to be everywhere.