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Moving to the Lake Country

My wife and I moved to Conesus Lake, year around, about 3 years ago. This is where I wanted to live, and with retirement just over the horizon we made the plunge. We have had a cottage on the Lake for 20 years. This lake and community had become our real home.

We had been living in a large home in Penfield, NY and wanted to downsize, as well as go to single floor living. Moving a lifetime of accumulation, including all the kids stuff that they haven’t yet taken to their own homes, required us to place things into storage, and at family members homes, which were kind enough to help us out.

Our home in Penfield took some time to sell, and when we did settle, it meant that we were moving to the lake at the end of March. Moving at the end of March is not recommended.

Most of my furniture went to my Brother-in-Law’s house at Grand Island, NY. Lawnmowers and outdoor stuff went to my sister’s garage in Palmyra, NY. A rented Pod for last minute stuff went to Brockport. A temporary storage unit in Ontario NY, and one near our new home in Conesus.

A Saturday morning; moving day. The cable company said that phone, TV and internet would “absolutely” be installed on Friday. They meant Monday. The new gas heating was installed, but the gas company, said “someday soon for installation of the service”.

On top of it all, Mother Nature decides to reward us; six inches of snow on the flower beds, temperatures in the teens, no heat in our home, no communications, no entertainment, everything in boxes. We survive the first night with every blanket we had piled on us, and the dog staying very close to us.

The first morning on the lake, I need coffee. Where is the Keurig? Still in the trailer, go figure. I wade through the snow, to the trailer, flinging boxes around till the Keurig is found. Back to the house, plug the machine in, where are the K-cups? Back up to the trailer digging though stuff, I got lucky

In box #6, K-cups are there. I sigh with relief and start to laugh a little bit.

Anticipating my coffee, and after only an hour into the day, I hit the brew button and get a message “Not Ready”. Steady…. Steady. A day without coffee, I cannot let this be. What’s going on? Steady, Steady. Using my all my skills I investigate, but still “Not Ready”!

As I shiver from cold and shake from caffeine withdrawal, my intuition says, it’s frozen, thus “Not ready”. Back to the tool box, a heat gun in hand, 20 minutes to thaw, then finally: “Ready”

2 hours into the day, nothing else done, 22 degrees outside, a home full of boxes.

Finally, a cup of coffee in hand I sit for a minute take a few sips, contemplating the scene

and think: Moving at the end of March is not recommended.

Fast forward, I love living on the lake. The gas company hooked us up on Tuesday, the cable company caught up on Wednesday. I still have some furniture on Grand Island that we are giving to our kids. And we still have stuff in storage, mostly belonging to the kids. Every visit to see our kids is slowly emptying

the storage units, and life on the lake is good.

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