Kooper the Dim: The Fisherman’s Friend

Kooper, my 8 year old yellow lab-mix is an integral part of our family. I have written about his antics and adventures previously, and he continues to reinforce the nickname of Kooper the Dim.

I like to fish. Living on the lake and being retired enables me to enjoy this sport. I fish from my dock and my boat. Kooper is always by my side. I have my fair share of luck and have been fortunate enough to actually catch a few here and there. Northern Pike, Large and Small Mouth Bass are my catches most of the time. When I do, Kooper goes into action.

On my dock he will lay in the sun and watch. Closely. Somehow he senses the instant I catch something. He is up and underfoot trying to see what’s coming in, meanwhile I am trying to pull in my catch and not end up in the water tripping over him.