Looking for inspiration?

Do you want to improve your photography? I know I do. How do I do it? Besides taking lots of pictures, joining local photograph clubs and reading, I look to other photographers and their bodies of work for inspiration.

Like many artists, photographers tend to develop a style or theme that makes them almost instantly identifiable. A prime example of this is Ansel Adams. His black and white images of the west and Yosemite National Park are everywhere, and emulated by many aspiring photographers.

Whenever I need inspiration or get in a creative rut I turn to some of the masters in this craft and study their work. I will try to figure out how they managed to get a particular effect, try to understand the equipment and generally try to get inside their heads.

Similar to art, in its many other forms, there are specialties. For example you can find masters of their craft in fashion, portrait, street, landscape, and many more categories.

Some of the photographers I look to for ideas are:

Ansel Adams [ht