Are your pictures out of control?

Are you one of those people that keeps all their pictures? Forever? Do you have shoe boxes and albums full of pictures from the past? I bet you do; I know I do.

Now that I have gone digital, over 10 years now, I have the same thing, only with files and files of pictures, seeming spread everywhere. We have pictures still on our camera, pictures on memory cards and USB sticks lying in drawers, pictures on a computer, or maybe that other computer, pictures on our phones, and pictures in the cloud. But, which cloud?

This is a great time of year to address the many-headed hydra that is your picture storage and organization.

When the weather is good, go outside. When the weather is not so good – snowing, blowing, arctic temperatures – and you’re stuck inside; it’s time to sit down and start the cleanup. It’s not really that hard, and in my opinion, there just isn’t anything on TV worth watching anymore. Network TV has become practically unwatchable, but that is a different discussion.