Capturing Wildlife [with your camera]

Living, and playing here in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, with its hills, forests, farms, and small towns is a great place to be to get the wildlife shots that show the diversity of fauna that lives with us. I’m talking about with your camera.

Our region is home to a wide variety of wildlife, some live here year around, and some migrate south; just like us. Being able to capture an image of some of it is something I like to spend my retirement time doing and going out and getting a bit of your “wild” on, is why many of us live and play here.

You need to understand some of the “other” settings on your camera to get a nice sharp picture of a bald eagle in flight, or a humming bird at your feeder or, deer standing out in a field at sunset. To get these pictures you need to take your camera, and even your cell phone, off the automatic modes. You will want to be able to evaluate a scene and pick which mode may work better.

For example:

  • To capture an eagle in flight, we want to be able to “stop” the action. To do that try setting your camera to the “sport” or “running man” setting. You may want to consider “panning” or try tracking the bird in flight with your camera. Finally, take lots of pictures, as many as you can before it flies out of range. The more pictures you have, the better chances that you’ll get a spectacular shot