Get more from your pictures – Time to edit

Taking pictures is fun. Sharing them with friends, family and social media is a way of life for many. How many of those images are “good”. Go ahead; take a serious like at the pictures you take. The picture you saw in your head is probably NOT the same picture your camera captured.

Mostly it’s the camera’s fault. The sensors get confused in very bright and very dark situations. Some of this can be compensated for with adjustments to the settings on the camera. Any camera; cell phone to DSLR.

However, all is not lost; it’s time to edit your pictures. Basic edits are very easy. Things like crop, contrast and many more tools are available for download, as an app, and even online. These tools are a quick and easy ways to bring out your vision in the image, that your camera didn’t get quite right.

[Note: Always blame the camera, never the photographer]

Here are some basic edits that many of your images may benefit by: