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Giant Marshmallows?

In the hills and farms around Conesus Lake is one of the prime growing regions for the world renowned giant marshmallow [Bigmotha Sucrosious]. In the top image you can see the harvest being gathered in preparation for storage, sale and transport. These are slated to go to the Marshmallow Fluff processing center. I have heard that one of these is also going to be sent to Rockefeller Center in NYC, to sit atop of a world record attempt for the largest cup of hot cocoa.

As you may know, there are two major types of the Giant Marshmallow. Type one, grown locally, is by far the most common. It is grown commercially, completely organic, maybe some steroids [warning not to eat are posted on packaging in California], and yummy with peanut butter.

Type two Giant Marshmallows are very rare indeed. These are the droppings of the legendary Stay Puft Marshmallow Man [of Ghostbusters fame]. These are not organic, and may, in fact, have a protoplasmic base component. The FDA has been investigating these for years, but statically significant samples have been difficult to obtain. There have been rumbling of a “black market” for them due to its rumored effects of a better “sugar rush” and a slight “glow” it imparts. Unfortunately, there is some evidence that grade school children are being targeted by unscrupulous grandparents just before returning them to their parents.

Additionally, they are said to be “gluten-free”, which has the grocery chain Whole Foods very interested.

Please ensure you know how to distinguish types [re: mushrooms], as we recently had the Stay Puft Marshmallow man traverse the area after a Halloween night NYC rampage. In the second image you can see there are dropping all over the hill sides. Rumor has it that there are hordes of hyped-up Leprechauns, screaming “Magically Delicious”, tracking him and are gathering the droppings as they go.

You really don't want to confuse the two! Don’t get in the way of the Leprechauns, I saw the movie. They can be vicious little creatures.


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