Kooper the Dim earns his stripes

Kooper the Dim is my, now 9 year old yellow lab-mix. He weighs in at about 100 pounds, give or take a few. For a large breed dog this is starting to get on in years [kinda like the rest of us…]. This means that he is not as spry as he once was, although he still thinks he is [again, I’m looking in the mirror here as well].

I’ve written a few stories on his big antics; grab an old copy of Lake Country Echo, or go to my website for them. These are a few of the ways he does those special everyday things that not only earned him his name but ensures that the title must be retired at some point.

Kooper likes to dance. Not to music. He dances to anything that sprays. He will get up on his hind feet and jump around like a new baby bunny, to try to catch – water from a hose. This makes washing the car or watering plants … interesting.

In the winter, when it’s time to shovel or blow out the driveway, he’s there trying to catch a piece of every shovelful or trying to swallow the output of a snow blower. Of course, when he does that I need to stop immediately, so he doesn’t get hurt. Yet every time I start back up, he starts over. I need to tie him up [he barks until I untie him] or put him in the house [where he will chew on anything in the laundry room]. Neither one a good option. So it takes two of us; one just to distract him.