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Kooper the Dim just wants to help

This is the continuing story of Kooper “The Dim”. I have shared some of his antics in previous stories, that can be re-read at:

He is a 10-year-old yellow Lab mix weighing in at about 100 pounds of very friendly, although a bit socially awkward, mutt. He is a water dog.

Kooper and I have been together a long time now, and as with anyone you may be with a long time, you get to know them well, and sometimes anticipate their needs and responses. My wife of 40+ years is very good at that; sometimes scary good. It is one of things that amazes me, always surprises me, and sometimes scares me just a little.

Kooper has gotten to that stage as well. He is always trying to help. For instance, when I am fishing, and I am lucky enough to latch onto something; there he is under my feet and barking his whole-hearted encouragement. If he sees the fish break water, he thinks it is now time to be a bit more helpful… he jumps in and tries to chase the fish back to the dock. This results in a dance between me, the fishing pole, a fish that really doesn’t like being chased trying to hide under my dock and boat lift, and a swimming dog, in a kinda weaving pattern.

This greatly confuses Kooper, so he starts splashing the water with his front paws while swimming furiously around, apparently now trying to locate the offender by feel. This has never worked, for the fish, the dog or me.

I recently had a shoulder replacement, and I am doing much of my physical therapy at home. I do many sets of stretching and strengthening exercises at home, 5 times a day. My recovery is going better than I had hoped for and I am ahead of the curve on recovery according to my physical therapist.

This is due, in no small part, to Kooper. A couple of my exercises include a pole, or a stick, to help guide the motion and increase flexibility. As Kooper has been watching me do these routines for a while now, he has come to anticipate the point where I get the stick.

Sticks and a retriever in the house do not mix! I go through 4 -5 sticks a week. He loves to go get the stick when it’s time; however, being Kooper The Dim, He sometimes forgets he is supposed to give it to me. Many of my exercises involve a slimy, wet, partially chewed stick.

All in all, me and Kooper have been hanging out together for almost 11 years now. He is the definition of a best friend. He is always next to me; we take care of each other, and are growing old together.

What more could I ask for?


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