Kooper the Dim just wants to help

This is the continuing story of Kooper “The Dim”. I have shared some of his antics in previous stories, that can be re-read at: https://www.mrefoto.com/blog-1/categories/kooper.

He is a 10-year-old yellow Lab mix weighing in at about 100 pounds of very friendly, although a bit socially awkward, mutt. He is a water dog.

Kooper and I have been together a long time now, and as with anyone you may be with a long time, you get to know them well, and sometimes anticipate their needs and responses. My wife of 40+ years is very good at that; sometimes scary good. It is one of things that amazes me, always surprises me, and sometimes scares me just a little.

Kooper has gotten to that stage as well. He is always trying to help. For instance, when I am fishing, and I am lucky enough to latch onto something; there he is under my feet and barking his whole-hearted encouragement. If he sees the fish break water, he thinks it is now time to be a bit more helpful… he jumps in and tries to chase the fish back to the dock. This results in a dance between me, the fishing pole, a fish that really doesn’t like being chased trying to hide under my dock and boat lift, and a swimming dog, in a kinda weaving pattern.

This greatly confuses Kooper, so he starts splashing the water with his front paws while swimming furiously around,