Sunrise, Sunset

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Yep, I know, it’s July and time for celebration, fireworks, and flares. I have written about how to take pictures of these in previous columns, all of which can be found in my column archives This month I want to talk about our spectacular sunsets for those of us on the east side of the lake, and sunrises for those of you on the west side; although those sunrises mean getting up pretty early this time of year.

Sunrise/sunset are wonderful to see and experience but can be difficult to capture. This is because there is such a wide difference in light, from very dark to very light, and this can and does confuse almost any type of camera.

Your eyes see three times the range of light then your camera can see. So, if you want a picture of what you are seeing, your camera isn’t actually capable of fully capturing that range. You need to OWN that camera and be prepared to tell it what you want, not what it thinks you want. This is the difference between a snapshot and an image. An image shows the world what you saw and how you saw it.

Depending on what you use, your phone’s camera, a point and shoot camera or a high-end Digital Single Lens Reflex [DSLR], or anything in between, you may want to co