Tips & Tricks for better smartphone photos

Over the past few years, we've seen smart phones evolve into the most important cameras around. At the same time, camera performance has evolved into the most important aspect of those phones. It's not about call clarity, it's about photo quality. For the everyday user, the smart phone has become the go-to camera.

Clean the lens

Photos looking a little milky? This is the biggest problem we see on smart phone cameras. Because the lens is so small, it's very easy for it to get dirty while you're using your phone for other things. You spend the whole day groping your phone, so make sure you wipe away those smeary marks before you start snapping.


Focus makes a photo. Cameras have become a lot better a focusing on the subject in the past few years, but don't just point and press the button. Take time to make sure that what you want to take a picture of is in focus.